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Date: February 10, 2018 |

The Voice...for the voiceless

It’s that time of year again... when we’ve gotten through the holidays, the first month of the new year, and counting the days until we see the sun more and enjoy the warmth of spring and summer. As humans, most of us have the choice of either staying outside in the cold, or retreating indoors for comfort. But, sadly enough, our pets do not always have that choice, and we here at Claws and Paws Rescue understand at times they may be in need of our help.

If you are a pet owner and in need of assistance with food or shelter for your pets, please reach out to us. We’ve teamed up with a local dairy farm that will provide straw to help ensure all pets stay cozy and warm through the winter months. We also supply pet food to our area food pantries and to WE FEED in St. Helen. If you are struggling with feeding your pets, either visit a local food pantry, or contact our office for help. Because of generous donations we receive from businesses and individuals, we’ve distributed over 600 pounds of dog and cat food to our food pantries this year. Know that every little bit of food we receive benefits not only the animal but also the owner.

This winter has been brutal and many animals are at risk. If you come upon a stray animal, after helping them, please take photos and send them to our Facebook page or call our office at 345-2479. We have an amazing animal-loving Facebook following that is passionate about reuniting pets with their owners. If the owners are out there, together we will find them. If you are unable to keep the animal while the owner is being located, please call us and we will do our best to place the animal with one of our emergency foster families. We are here to help both our “at risk” animals and community members.

Thanks to our volunteers, we’ve had the opportunity to rescue, return home, foster and re-home a number of pets so far this winter. In order to keep up with the influx of pets in need, as a non-profit, we need your help. Being a no-kill, foster home based rescue, we are only able to help as many animals as we have available homes for. Please consider joining our foster team and be a part of this life-saving mission. We promise you, you won’t regret it, and you’ll make some new friends in the process.

Exciting new opportunities are upon us in the new year and our heads are spinning - with one of those being a long, overdue website. An amazing team of professionals has gathered to create a website for us that tells OUR STORY from the early days of working at a kitchen table, to our little office in downtown West Branch and beyond. Thank you Marj Esch, website developer; Heidi Jo Wayco, content writer; Sarah Laverty, photographer, and Cameron Brooks, videographer. We are honored that this creative team is working hard to help our rescue grow as we take some mighty big steps in the new year.

When visiting downtown West Branch, be sure to stop in and say hello. You can find our office behind Ink & Thread at 313 W. Houghton Ave. and our hours are Monday-Friday from noon-6 p.m. and Saturday from10 a.m.-2 p.m. As with most small rescues, we are always in need of volunteers. To learn how you can join our wonderful, animal loving team, please call 345-2479. Together, we are making a difference.

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